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        Membrane filtration:?  Hydro-X (Qingdao) offers a broad range of products for treatment of membrane filtration plants, such as: RO, NF    and UF, to protect against: Scale, deposits, bio-fouling, low recovery rates, etc.
        ?  Products will provide for longer run times, better permeate quality and extend element lifetime, resulting in    reduced operating and capital costs.
        ?  A high emphasis has been placed on making the products safe for; use, handling, transport and environment.

        Advantages:?  Excellent control of scales, such as: Calcium carbonate, Calcium sulphate, Magnesium hydroxide and Silicates up    to LSI +2.5.
        ?  Excellent control of fouling, including mud and silt.
        ?  Excellent control of biological fouling, by means of food-graded bio-dispersant and for some products active food-    graded biocide.
        ?  Suitable and approved for food-grade/drinking water reverse osmosis applications and can be supplied as NSF    certified products.
        ?  Compatible with all recognised membrane types and brands.
        ?  High tolerance to aluminium and iron oxides.
        ?  Suitable in combination with most biocides and anionic, or non-ionic, coagulants.
        ?  Ready-for-use products with low dosage requirement.
        ?  Software for calculating dosing amount available. Designed to prevent and reduce scale and deposits.
        ?  Designed to minimize need for biocide.
        ?  Offers online deposit removal capabilities (scale, corrosion, general deposits).
        ?  Products are aimed at minimizing, or eliminating, products like Phosphate, EDTA, biocides.
        ?  Products are highly efficient and cost effective.

        Hydro-X (Qingdao) Industrial Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
        Zhuzhou Road– Laoshan District – 266101, Qingdao – Shandong Province – P.R. China
        P: +86 (0)532 88903360 – F: +86 (0)532 88903356 – info@hydrox-cn.com – www.heksagroupe.com

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